random fun discoveries

Seems to be at least once a week, usually more like once a day I find something fun that I say “this is the coolest thing ever.” People are probably tired of me saying that seeing as it changes every day.

Anyways, I think these 2 things are the coolest things ever I have found today … so far.

Geek Jewelry:

emoticon necklace <3
There is a whole line of emoticon jewelry. The tag line under this particular necklace says “Show your nerd love”. I like the concept behind these, I don’t know that I’d actually pay that much for them.

You can read about them on 2 of my favorite sites: geeksugar & chipchick. If you feel the urge to purchase this lovely necklace you can do that at fractalspin.


Design of this wedding invite:


claire and daveI have never been able to see those optical 3D magic things (can’t think of what it’s call) but I love this. The simplicity is amazing.

I applaud the creative mind who came up with this. I wonder how many names you could do that with. Certainly not mine (elysa).

I stumbled upon this through 9rules which took me to the blog of Frederik Samuel


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  1. Wow! That is cool stuff! ….And, hey that’s alright that you say that, because I always say “Do you want to hear the funniest story?” and one of my old bosses would TEASE me about that all day long!

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