Recipics: Visual Recipes

Love this! Who can resist… food + photos + tumblr = awesomesauce.

Make your Labor Day delicious and easy on the eyes with, a collection of “visual recipes” created by Lauren Bugeja. The Australian user experience designer developed a system to translate written recipes into a diagrammatic form that simplifies the preparation of labor-intensive dishes ranging from Eggs Benedict to rigatoni sardi a mari—even if you’ve never poached an egg and would be hardpressed to pick rigatoni out of a pasta line-up. We recommend kicking off your long weekend with a “Jug of Danger,” Bugeja’s pictographic take on the famous and fruity British summer drink known as the Pimm’s Cup.

(via Liquid Treat)

Happy Labor Day weekend y’all (feelin’ a little Texas today)!

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