Refashion Your Wardrobe: Wearable DIYs

You’ve had that old shirt in your closet for so long, and it’s time to do something new with it. Or maybe you’ve thrifted an awesome dress, but it just needs a little something extra to fit in with your style. Well here are some tips and tricks on how to refashion your clothes into trendy, fashion-forward pieces!


Was: Old T-Shirt. IS: NEW Pom Pom Necklace

Raise your hand if you have an old t-shirt that has kept its color but just isn’t wearable any more. Turn it into this cute, trendy necklace! Bonus if you already have a chain necklace you want to refashion too! Get the how-to here.


Was: Boring Cardigan. IS: Fancy NEW Cardigan with Cute Pockets

Doilies are something you can find at almost any antique store or flea market. Get some to sew on to your standard old cardigan and VIOLA! You now have a brand new ADORABLE sweater to wear over your favorite top! Here’s how you do it.


Was: Too Short Dress. IS: Sassy NEW Lace-Lined Dress

Short, short dresses are so cute, but sometimes we want them to be just a little longer, or just a little different. Adding lace to the hem will keep the short-dress look while giving a little bit of length and a LOT of sexy! Find how to do it here.


Was: Old Out-of-Style Shirt. IS: Adorable NEW Apron

Now your awesome cooking won’t be the only thing you’re showing off at your next dinner party. Use just about any old shirt to make a cute new apron! Here’s how.


Was: Too-Big Old Sweater. IS: NEW Chiffon Hemmed CUTE Sweater

I love my big comfy sweaters, but usually can’t wear them outside the house. Now we can be comfy AND fashionable with this sweet idea. Here’s how it’s done!


Was: Stained White Shirt. IS: Colorful NEW Top

Dyeing clothing is a great way to give a piece a new life and make your wardrobe more colorful. Here’s a great technique!


Was: Boring Old Shoes. IS: NEW Two-Toned Classy Kicks

This is a great way to make a thrift store find into a stylish new piece. And two-toned shoes are just too cute to pass up! Find out how to make it happen here.


Was: Uncomfortable Strapless Dress. IS: Sexy NEW Wearable Dress

I find so many dresses that I love, if only they weren’t strapless. Here’s a way to keep the dress by adding classy sleeves. Find the directions here.


I bet you’re ready to start shopping through your wardrobe and at your favorite thrift store to score some refashionable finds now – I know I am! Get even MORE refashion ideas by checking out my DIY:Wearable Pinterest board here. Happy pinning!