Small Style: Living the Apartment Life

Whether it’s your first apartment ever or the home you grew up in, it’s always good to know tips and tricks for living the apartment lifestyle. This usually includes how to store everything in smaller spaces, but we also want you live your style too! Here are some ideas for doing both.


Stylish Removable Wallpaper

If you live in an apartment, you’re most likely renting, so this removable wallpaper will be perfect for you! Put it up, show your style, then take it down when it’s time. And if you’re a homeowner, this is great for a temporary style upgrade! Find it here.


Pegboard Storage

Vertical storage is a great idea in small spaces. Using a pegboard, you can hang your practical kitchenware creatively, making it an art pieces too! Here’s how.


Rustic Ladder Storage

Here’s another vertical storage idea, using an old wooden ladder to hang throw blankets. Simply lean it up against the wall, throw them up there, and you’ve got a cozy storage spot. Here’s the idea!


Up Off the Counter

Use a cake pedestal to raise your hand soap, sponges, and lotion off of the kitchen counter. This will free up space underneath as well as spice your kitchen style up. Find out how here!


More Shower Space

Apartment bathrooms can be a bit small sometimes, and finding extra space in the shower is always a plus. Use this idea to uncramp your shower space. Here’s where to find it!


Put It Under

This idea creates storage in an otherwise unused space. Make even more places for kitchenware, utensils, and cleaning supplies by following the steps you find here.


Chilly Organization

The fridge – one of the most important appliances in your home. Sometimes it gets the least love though. Follow these directions on how to make it an organization dream! Here they are.


All Hung Up

You know you have cute coffee mugs that you love to show off, and now you can! This is storage at its finest, allowing you to give yourself more cupboard space while displaying your precious mug collection. Here are the plans!


More Room in the ‘Room

The bathroom that is. Here’s one more vertical storage idea for you to clear a bit more space on the bathroom counter, while keeping everything right where it needs to be. Find the idea here!


Now you’re ready to upgrade your apartment lifestyle with these creative and useful ideas. You’re going to be living large in your beloved little place! Want even more? Check out the Apartment Life Pinterest page here!