Spice Up Your Home All On Your Own

Here are some great DIY projects to make use of some old items in your house and cheaply spice up your home decor! These projects can add splashes of color, pleasant aromas, and creative organization to your home. Check them out!


Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice!

Sugar Spice
Smell is key in setting the tone of your home. If you don’t like artificial smells or simply want to play with an alternative to candles and other air fresheners, these delicious homemade scents are perfect for you! Find the scent-cipes here!


Never Too Many Jars…

A little bit of glue and a little bit of paint can turn boring jars into something quaint! Paint them in whatever color you please and use them as pencil holders, flower vases, decor- the possibilities are endless! Here’s how!


Get Organized!

Who knew a magazine rack could double as a rack for the assorted lids of your pots and pans? This link provides many brilliant ideas for common containers to be reused for organization in the kitchen. See the idea here!


A Treat for the Book Lover

Book Lover
What’s better than a picture book? Book pictures! This idea is brilliant: print images on pages from old books to create unique and classy frameable pictures to decorate your walls! Get directions on how-to here.


Lace & Jewels

Lace and Jewels
Finally a good solution to the eternal problem of disorganized earrings (and it looks pretty, too)! An old-fashioned picture frame and some lace become practical and a piece of art! See how to do it here.


Cork Candles

Cork Candles
This is a wonderful way to make use of all the pretty (but rather useless) corks that build up around the home and feel so wrong to throw away. Turn them into a simple but elegant candle holder! Get the idea here.


A Pinch of Salt

Pinch of Salt
Bath salts can be a calming treat to yourself and a great gift to share with friends! This recipe is simple, easy, and soothing. Go here for the recipe!


Crayon Creations

There never seems to be a shortage of used crayons. We can all use some creative ideas to help you put the crayons to good use and make some colorful creations! Get all the ideas here!


I hope you’ve attained some fun ideas from these creative projects to help you decorate and solve some household storage puzzles, and I hope you feel inspired to try some projects of your own! For more DIY project ideas, check out DIY on Pinterest!