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As a big fan of Oakley, I was excited to visit their store at North Park Mall and learn about the activewear and customized sunglasses. If you’re spending a lot of time outdoors this summer, a pair of protective shades is definitely recommended!

Noteable names like professional snowboarder Gretchen Bleiler and Tone It Up‘s Karena Dawn designed exclusive sunglasses for Oakley that are available for women. Check out the many activewear and customized styles below!

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Not only is a pair of shades stylish to wear in the summer, but it’s also important to keep your eyes from burning. And as we know in Texas, the sun isn’t always nice to us! For instance, did you know your eyes can actually get sunburned?? UV exposure increases the likelihood of cataract formation.

So if you plan on spending some time outdoors this season, especially if you’re running, cycling, swimming and so on, a pair of protective sunnies is a must-have item.

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Aviators with a pop of color!

Oakley launched a custom eyewear program that offers 21 different lens tints and 28 frames to meet the most demanding performance requirements of any outdoor sport or activity. And for the first time at Oakley, shoppers can also fill their eyewear prescriptions using a unique and easy fit technology. The company also launched a line of youth eyewear, which provides the same eye and impact protection that is available for adults and top athletes.

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A great choice for high-impact sports

Here’s how to choose the right sunglasses by sport:

  • For Golfing – Golfers benefit from brown, copper, and rose lens tints that enhance the ability to more accurately judge distances between objects. Oakley’s G30 lens has a rose base with iridium coating to improve contrast and depth perception on the golf course. Golfers also benefit from open-edge lenses for unobstructed downward vision.
  • For Baseball – Professionals and amateurs need eyewear that extends their peripheral vision and provides high mass and high velocity impact protection. An open-edge frame is excellent for unobstructed downward vision. Neutral lens tints like grey, slate, black, and green shade the eyes without altering color recognition.
  • For Cycling – Cyclists benefit from lens curvature that shields against wind and an impact resistant lens to protect their eyes from flying objects. A lens with a hydrophobic coating keeps sweat, rain, sunscreen, skin oils, dirt and dust from threatening vision. A frame with rubberized grip points keeps eyewear in place during rapid movements.
  • For Running – Whether pounding the pavement or taking the trail less traveled, runners need sunglasses with a lightweight design, comfortable, secure fit and rubberized grip points to keep eyewear in place. Enhanced contrast is ideal for trails. Polarization is great for road courses to prevent the effects of blinding glare. Hydrophobic coating creates an invisible barrier that easily sheds sweat, rain, sunscreen, skin oils, dirt and dust, and prevents fogging.
  • For Water Sports – For water sports, polarized lenses block glare and blurring blue light. Lens tints like amber, orange, and brown absorb blue light, which reduces blurriness, while increasing contrast and depth perception. A hydrophobic coating easily sheds water and rain off the lens. More lens curvature maximizes side protection against sun, wind and impact.

Many of the styles are also available with polarized lenses. Here’s the pair I picked out below from the activewear collection. This style even has a “no-snag” rubber nose grip, so the glasses won’t get tangled in your hair. The rosegold frame and polarized lens will match many outfits this summer while keeping your eyes safe from the sun!

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(Disclaimer: I was provided with a complimentary pair of sunglasses from Oakley, and all thoughts are my own.)