GenPink Picks: Spring Body Edition

With the spring season in full bloom, here are some body products to help you stay beautiful in this pretty weather.

All-Natural Hair Care

Conceived by Nature combines essential oils, herbs, micro-enriched proteins and other natural ingredients to nourish your hair and leaves it soft, strong and shiny. Their line of shampoos and conditioners includes: Moisturizing Citrus; Nourishing Lavender and Fortifying Rosemary.




Portable Toothbrush

Whether you’re traveling, at a friend’s house or at work, sometimes we wish we had a toothbrush to freshen up. Cenoire made just the solution. Their new Eluo electrical toothbrush comes in a stylish design and can fit in your purse. The brush is capable of up to 23,000 brush stokes per minute to ensure your mouth stays clean and fresh all day. Colors include pink, white and black.




Muscle Aide

For those of us who work out and experience pain and soreness, this new cream will be your best friend. Topricin has new treatments called Topricin Pain Relief and Healing Cream, and it can help minimize the amount of pain to help your body recover more quickly. Its combo of 11 natural ingredients helps reduce inflammation and is odorless and greaseless.



These three products were sent to us for review. We always give our honest opinions. We were not compensated for these reviews.
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