Spring Cleaning

Spring is a time to de-clutter your home and make room for new and better things. Deep cleaning can seem like a daunting task to some of us. It just requires some patience, time and an upbeat attitude. Break your cleaning project down to last a few days unless you prefer to knock it out in one day. Here’s some guidance on where and what to start cleaning.


Take a look at your closet. What clothes have you not worn in the past two months (not including special occasion outfits)? If you really don’t consider wearing  an article of clothing again, get rid of it. Also take out those clothes that are too small and tight. Place all the clothes you don’t want anymore in a trash bag, so it’s easy to carry around. If you want to make some extra cash, take these clothes (shoes and accessories, too) to your nearest Plato’s Closet or other buy-back stores. You’ll be surprised on how much money you can make! Goodwill or a CCA retail store are other places to donate your clothes to, and you can get a tax write-off for doing so!


Spring cleaning doesn’t just happen in the home. Cleaning your office is suggested as well. For instance, get rid of those stacks of papers that may have been on your desk for months. Purchase file folders to organize all the papers, or throw it away if you absolutely don’t need it. Others have found it easier to scan and save the files on a flash drive or a back-up server because sometimes it’s easier to find a document electronically.

Other junk

Take a look around your house, apartment, or office to see what else you can get rid of to establish a fresh atmosphere. Here are some places to double check for junk:

  • tool box
  • entertainment center (old CDs, books, DVDs, VHS tapes)
  • kitchen (broken appliances, dishes, décor, rusted silverware)
  • living/bedrooms (old mattresses or other furniture)
  • attic
  • garage
  • backyard/patio



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Don’t forget to keep a bottle of water handy when cleaning! For the finishing touch, spray some Febreze in the newly- cleaned spaces for that true “spring cleaning” smell.