8 Recipes For The End Of Summer / Labor Day

We are already reaching the last weeks of the summer, when the sun is shining and the heat is strong. It’s time to enjoy some time in the back yard with a fresh recipe and a cold drink! Here are 8 summer recipe ideas to keep variety in your life and to make your next backyard party a big success! These would be good to try if you’re having people over for Labor Day weekend.


1.Cantaloupe and Mozzarella Caprese Salad

Cantaloupe Caprese | 8 Recipes For The End Of Summer

A unique spin on everyone’s favorite summer salad, pick yourself up a juicy local cantaloupe and dive into this recipe! Prosciutto and mozzarella? How can we resist? Get the recipe here!


2.Jello Strawberry Parfait

Jello Parfait | 8 Recipes For The End Of Summer

I’m always looking for a dessert that doesn’t weigh me down – this one is light, fluffy, and takes me back to my childhood. And to boot, it’s very nice to look at! Find this recipe here!


3. Turkey, Hummus and Avocado Roll-Ups

Turkey Roll Ups | 8 Recipes For The End Of Summer

Quick, easy and portable, these wraps are sure to become a favorite meal on the go! Save yourself some carbs and find the recipe here!


4. Corn Pasta Salad

Corn Pasta | 8 Recipes For The End Of Summer

Salads are such a staple during the summer months, with fresh produce and a need for something light to keep us running through the day. It’s always great to find a spin to keep things interesting! Find this gluten-free, vegan corn pasta recipe here!


5. Grilled Coconut-Lime White Fish Packets

Summer Grilled Cilantro Lime Fish Packets | 8 Recipes For The End Of Summer

When you find yourself grilling up burgers and hotdogs all summer long, sometimes the idea of a fresh, lean protein is too enticing to resist. Keep it light and easy and try your favorite fillet on the grill! Find the recipe here.


6. Cucumber Subs

Cucumber Subs | 8 Recipes For The End Of Summer

Cutting carbs is a common goal, and sometimes a hard one to achieve when sandwiches become the go-to lunch. Keep your sandwich and eat it, too with this light, healthy take on everyone’s favorite midday meal! Find the recipe here.


7. Quinoa, Corn and Mint Salad

Quinoa Corn Mint Salad | 8 Recipes For The End Of Summer

Everyone knows about the secret competition that decides who can bring the best, most innovative salad to the family barbeque….well with this unique recipe, it will definitely be you! Fresh mint and sweet, local corn make this salad a recipe to be proud of! Find the recipe here.


8. Strawberry Bruschetta

Strawberry Bruschetta | 8 Recipes For The End Of Summer

Beautiful AND delicious, this recipe is one to get your taste buds singing! Goat cheese and strawberries work together to make a quick and easy appetizer that everyone will love! Find the recipe here.

8 summer end of summer recipes | Labor Day | genpink

I hope you found some new favorites to add to your summer cookbook – and to find more recipes, visit our Summer Eats Pinterest board here! Happy eating!

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