GenPink Picks: Sweet Valley Confidential

Author Francine Pascal brings back the popular book series Sweet Valley High in a new collection titled Sweet Valley Confidential. This six-episode digital serial captures the adorable Wakefield twins all grown up and professional, yet the exciting drama of Sweet Valley still trails behind them. Life isn’t perfect for twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield as they face heartbreaks, convoluted family matters and careers lows.

Sounds like a classic day with the Wakefield sisters, right? However, they still work as a team to overcome any difficulties in a much more powerful way than ever before.

No joke- each chapter left me wanting to read the next one immediately. The cliffhangers are incredible. Old characters from the high school are back, and new ones are introduced. And you’ll never guess who fancy-boy Todd Wilkins romantically ends up with in this series. The drama will blow your mind! I was stoked to hear the author came back with a new story plot for the Sweet Valley characters. These books were my favorite back in grade school!

Each chapter is only $1.99 and is available for instant download online. I read the entire series while on vacation on my iPad. It’s an easy and fun read, especially for Sweet Valley fans that have followed the stories since day one. Prefer hard copy? Not to fret. The print edition will be released this fall in bookstores.

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(Disclaimer- Digital copies of each chapter was sent to use for review. As always, we provide our honest opinions when reviewing products and were not compensated for this post.)

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