T-Shirt Thursday

My life has been a complete and utter roller coaster the last week (maybe two) so I decided my advice for this Thursday is to myself … have some fun! Life is not as serious as you make it! There you go that’s my advice. And in keeping with my advice I decided I’d share with my lovely freaders my love of t-shirts. I don’t love just any ‘ol tshirt though. I have a love and appreciation (oh course) for designery graphicy t-shirts.

So I was very excited when I heard about a fun resource for t-shirt artistry. I’m sure everyone knows of Threadless. If you don’t you’re missing out. And today I’d like to introduce you to … dun duh duh Pop Culture Tees.

pop culture teesFeaturing new designs from the hottest retailers and indie artists, tips ‘n tricks, and interviews from industry experts, Pop Culture Tees delves into the world of creative t-shirt design.


I have a hard time deciding but I think I’ll say this has been my favorite so far.

font savant

or perhaps this one

or maybe this (if it came in another color – perhaps pink!)

The moral of the story is go check them out!

PS – Olivia you’d like this one.

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  1. K says:

    i love love love the first one. i havent seen those sites. thanks for sharing

  2. Olivia says:

    i’m in love!!! thank you sweetness! xoxox

  3. lfar says:

    ooh i like these! threadless is getting dumb, too. these are way nicer.

  4. Liz says:

    Hey Elysa, thanks for linking to my site! I’m glad it made your Thursday a little brighter :)

    And I’m thrilled to have discovered your site. As a 20-something designer myself, I was really enjoying reading over all your posts!