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Closing Out 2010 with 35 Top 10 Lists

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I’ve been entrenched in the blogging world for almost 4 years now. Each year at this time of year I see numerous “Best of this blog’s” series. Although, I may end up compiling a best of GenPink post before the year ends I decided some time in November that I wanted to close out the year with some insight from the best and brightest. With the winter weather and holiday… Read more

10 Ways to Restore Your Digital Zen

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This guest post was written by Eric Swayne, a fellow member of Social Media Club of Dallas. Eric is pas­sion­ate about holis­tic online mar­ket­ing, Tweet­Deck, Google Chrome, Star­craft and orig­i­nal recipe Dr Pepper. As we come close to wrapping up this series and the end of another year, I find this topic very fitting. Wow.  What a year it’s been – I think we’ll look back on 2010 as the year… Read more

10 Ways Getting More Zzzzz Will Improve Your Health

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This guest post was written by Julianna LoCascio, a personal friend who I like to call the food police. Julianna is a personal trainer who most certainly practices what she preaches. Listen up people!…What I’m getting ready to share with you will change your quality of life and could be the sole reason why you are not at peak health! 1. You should be getting at least seven hours of… Read more

Our Top 10 Xmas Traditions

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Every year when Christmas comes around, I begin to look forward to the many traditions that I keep with my family and friends. Over the years my sisters and I have enjoyed traditions that begin as early as late November and continue into the days following the holiday and involve everyone from school classmates to, of course, family. The past few years have seen us ‘retire’ some or our Christmas… Read more

Top 10 Grown-Up Walt Disney World “Musts!”

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This guest post was written by Cailin Szczesiul, a Runner, Baker, Cook, Foodie, Dog Lover, Reader, Painter, Writer, Blogger & World Traveler. I had the pleasure of connecting with Cailin through Grace Boyle. Cailin is new to the blogging world and already doing a fabulous job on her blog, you should check her out! I know this might sound weird, but I am 27 years old and just got back… Read more

Top 10 Reasons You Should Be Volunteering

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This guest post was written by Nicole Staudinger, a Brazen Careerist working in non-profit who is fascinated with sharing stories to create positive change. It may seem silly- “Why are you working for free?” my friends despair.  Yet somehow, I have volunteered for more than ten different organizations in the past three years, and had an amazing time doing it.  From gigantic national orgs with tons of funding to tiny… Read more

Ten Ways to Deal with Unemployment

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This guest post was written by Lauren Fernandez, known around the interwebz (particularly twitter) as @cubanalaf. Lauren is a PR rockstar and runs a very popular twitter chat for under 30 professionals (#u30pro – check it out). Recently Lauren touched on the topic of Unemployment on her blog with The Unemployment Diaries, this is a hard topic for anyone to write on but in this economy is still very necessary… Read more

Ten Life Lessons I Learned While Traveling

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This guest post was written by my long term friend, and college roommate for many years, the lovely Olivia McDaniel. Olivia is a fan of all things fashion, craftyness, traveling and (as you’ll see from her post) is particularly fond of lowercase letters. also for the record… I stole all of the photos in this post from Olivia’s Facebook. pretty nice photographer that one is! i was bitten by the… Read more

10 Things To Know Before Taking That Social Media Job

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This guest post was written by Jessica Malnik an Interactive Marketing Coordinator by day, Generation Y blogger, videographer, social media enthusiast and web designer by night. For her social media, public relations, technology, and workplace ramblings, please visit her blog. There’s no doubt that 2009 and 2010 were the years social media just exploded. Everyone was on it, and with that a lot of people thought they were instant experts.… Read more

Ten Tips on Staying Sane in a World Filled with Insanity

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This guest post was written by Monica Evans, a seminary student, writer, thinker, public servant, theologian, feminist, dreamfisher, and community builder. I found it fitting that this post happened to fall on a Sunday (when I had the ABC idea I didn’t know which days each topic would fall). I also wanted to let you know Monica’s alternate title ides – Staying Sane When the World is Crazy or 10… Read more

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