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Pretty Illustrations to Inspire your Creativity

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Here are some beautiful paintings and drawings to your brighten up your surroundings and inspire creativity within you. With these illustrations you can make stationary, decorate your home, update your screen savor, or simply use them as inspiration for your own works of art. Hair Illustrations These stunning hair drawings, done by Brittany Schall, are absolutely beautiful and great inspiration for new hairstyles. Take a look at more of her… Read more

{creativity} Artist of the Day

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My name is Elysa and I am a creative snob. Well no not really, but I am definetly inclined to befriend creatives. I do know there are some people who, as they say, “don’t have a creative bone in thier body” but honestly I find that hard to believe. Either way, even those who don’t do art can still have an appreciation for art. Being that I am a doer… Read more