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Live soft with Soft Surroundings – now open in Plano

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Located off the bustling Park and Preston area of Plano is Soft Surroundings, a lifestyle brand from St. Louis. The new location of this store offers a variety of women’s clothes, accessories, makeup and home decor. They even sell the furniture you’ll see in the store. So if you love it, you can buy it! A lot of the large home pieces were hand-picked by the brand’s CEO from her travels to… Read more

Does Following A Fashion Trend Make You More or Less Confident?

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One of the things that is most noticeable about many women in their twenties is that they want to fit in, yet they also want to be different. This is often reflected in their clothing styles and fashion choices. We all know someone who spends a fortune following every fashion trend that comes along. There is a fine line between those who are ahead of the fashion curve and those… Read more

shopping adventures and free clothes

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I recently decided to start doing reviews, because a) I have an opinion about almost everything and b) blogging is a great platform for sharing opinions! Also, my friends and fellow bloggess friends are also quite verbose as well. This weekend my friend, Olivia, got to do a review/shopping spree at LOFT. I’m quite jealous! She needs your opinion on which outfit is your fav. As if, speaking your mind… Read more

Fun Friday – Fashion Tips

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Instead of the usual round up of fun Friday hoopla I send you, dear readers, to this hilarious post. Fashion tips for women from a guy who knows dick about fashion. Are you working on this Friday before New Years? I’ve gotten a split vote from my friends. I am not, but that’s a whole ‘nother story. *sidenote: You may or may not have noticed I added Tumblr to the… Read more

Think your back is fat? You may just need to change your bra size!

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Are you wearing the right bra size? I got fitted not too long ago and I was very surprised. I always thought I knew what size I should be wearing but according to the bra fitting lady the bras I had been wearing were all wrong for me. I found this article today that helps you figure out what bra size you should actually be wearing. What Every Woman Should… Read more

In the event that I learn to sew

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I come from a family of career women who are not very domestic. I am slowly trying to become a little more domesticated (I make up words). In the event that I ever learn to sew I feel like I should bookmark this site that I found through the lovely poppytalk. BurdaStyle Your tool to design and sew your own wardrobe ! Had enough of mass produced cheap fashion? Looking… Read more