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No I Will Not Buy in Bulk … Grocery Shopping Tips For One

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One of my favorite personal finance blogs, Get Rich Slowly, posted today Buying Food: Grocery Shopping Tips from 1950 which includes a video (yes from the 50s) and the subsequent grocery shopping tips “we” should get from this video. When I read most grocery shopping tips I get pretty annoyed – most of these are made for families with 2.5 children. You see, I am single – I eat at… Read more

Groceries cost 5.8% more than the same time last year

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Yesterday I learned through YumSugar that several big label grocery items are shrinking in quantity yet keeping the same price. This information came from a Time magazine article stating that rising commodity and fuel prices are causing manufacters to either raise the price of food or lower the quantities. Harvard Business School Professor John Gourville explains this change to the fact that,”People are just more sensitive to changes in price… Read more

The Great Grocery Store Secrets

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Photo Credit: The Consumerist MSN Health & Fitness has an article on 10 Things Your Grocery Store Doesn’t Want You to Knowthat was pretty disturbing. There are several things I certainly didn’t know and kind of wish I hadn’t thought about. Shopping carts are as dirty as public toilets. “Just think about the fact that a few minutes ago, some kid’s bottom was where you are now putting your broccoli.”… Read more