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Following Your Passion

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I have a confession … I subscribe to Oprah’s E-Newsletter. For shame, yes I know, I’m not a stay at home housewife and as a career women I hate the which jeans look best on your butt articles but ya know I do find a lot of quality stuff in the vast media that is Team Oprah. On this lazy Sunday, I particularly enjoyed reading Celebrities Discuss Following Their Passion.… Read more

Saying “No”: Men vs. Women

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I heard something on Oprah that made me STOP, say “hold up” to myself, hit rewind on the DVR and watch it again. “When a man says no in this culture, it’s the end of the discussion. When a woman says no, it’s the beginning of a negotiation.” – Gavin De Becker (author of The Gift of Fear) – as seen on Oprah’s episode Trusting Your Intuition. Are we really… Read more

How Much is on Your Plate?

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I’ve noticed that sometimes my life seems to resemble a sitcom, in the aspect that a reoccurring theme continues to present itself. You know how on TV shows, each episode tends to have 1 theme, that all of the characters get to deal with in their own particular way? Sometimes in my life, I continue to get the same message from many different unrelated sources. When this happens I always… Read more

These are a few of my favorite things

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I love me some Oprah! I just finished watching Oprah’s famous “Favorite Things” episode and well there are a few things that I feel like I must have. I do realize that the purpose of the show is to give us gift ideas but I guess I am selfish because I was thinking about myself the whole show. Thanks Oprah for trying to ruin my budget! MELAMINE BOWLS, MEASURING CUPS… Read more

Think your back is fat? You may just need to change your bra size!

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Are you wearing the right bra size? I got fitted not too long ago and I was very surprised. I always thought I knew what size I should be wearing but according to the bra fitting lady the bras I had been wearing were all wrong for me. I found this article today that helps you figure out what bra size you should actually be wearing. What Every Woman Should… Read more

What do you know in your 30s that you didn’t know in your 20s?

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It’s Friday night and for the first time in months I had a whole evening to myself. I chose to spend it catching up on Oprah that had been recorded over the past few weeks. The episode I just finished watching was about women in their thirties – Thirty Something in America. At first I was going to skip over this since I am only 25. After a second thought,… Read more

Faith Hill on Happiness

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Another reason I love my DVR … rewinding to write down that great line that Faith Hill said on Oprah. “You wake up healthy .. and you wake up happy … and your family is safe, healthy and happy then everything else pales in comparison.” – Faith Hill  

Girls Gone Green

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I was inspired by Olivia’s post to add a new feature to GenPink that I will call GenGreen. The premise behind GenPink is that we are a different generation of women. I’d like to believe (or at least hope) that our generation is a big contributor to the "green movement." I hope that I am doing at least my small part. There are already so many blogs that discuss all… Read more

You are what you Believe

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Photo Credit: stock.xchng Yesterday I was watching Oprah that I had recorded on my DVR from Friday (I don’t know how people live without these babies). The episode was about self image and developing confidence in yourself. She ended the program with an interesting thought and a new challenge. Oprah challenged her viewers to join her O Girl, O Beautiful Revolution.