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How to efficiently clean your closet and make a profit

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As the long winter weather makes way for some welcome sunshine, we begin the annual spring cleaning event. And isn’t the best part of cleaning out your closet making room for a new summer wardrobe? Even in this tight economy, a fresh, clean closet filled with well-made clothing is still a possibility. Carolyn Schneider, expert bargain shopper and author of The Fifth Edition of The Ultimate Consignment & Thrift Store… Read more

GenPink Picks: Spring Cleaning Your Gadgets

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Spring cleaning to me usually means setting aside lots of time to clean out my closet and attic, and I usually end up dumping a lot of the ancient stuff in the trash. When it comes to getting rid of my outdated gadgets, I learned that I can make some extra cash by recycling them. Here are some awesome companies that will give you money for your old electronics. How… Read more

Spring Cleaning

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Spring is a time to de-clutter your home and make room for new and better things. Deep cleaning can seem like a daunting task to some of us. It just requires some patience, time and an upbeat attitude. Break your cleaning project down to last a few days unless you prefer to knock it out in one day. Here’s some guidance on where and what to start cleaning. Clothes Take… Read more