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Winter Makeup Tips for Your Skin

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When cold sets in, it is important to pay attention to our health. This includes more vitamins overall, more water and exercise, and of course, to start thinking about different types of makeup, especially for our skin. Hydration First of all, as mentioned before drinking loads of water is important. The foundation of great skin is rooted in the level of hydration overall. Often when it gets cold outside, we… Read more

This and That: Superbowl, Etsy, Sushi, Love, Blogging and Birthdays

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So, the Superbowl is in Dallas this weekend. The weather in Dallas also looked like this yesterday: Several of my friends had off work yesterday/today for a snow day. I however, did not. Because a) I work from home (can’t stop me mr. evil winter weather muahaha) b) my company is based out of sunny California c) it was entirely too cold outside to really leave the computer anyway d)… Read more