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Indoor cycling with the CycleCast app

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I’m a huge fan of indoor cycling but paying for expensive boutique classes and driving to a studio not close to me can be a drag. Luckily I recently learned about the new iPhone app, CycleCast that lets you take a spin class anywhere there’s a bike! CycleCast makes studio-quality indoor cycling more accessible than ever by delivering music and motivational instructors straight to your phone. I felt the same amount of… Read more

The 3 Best Post-Workout Filler-Uppers

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As an avid runner, I am hungry ALL. THE. TIME. These hunger pains seem to come with the territory of working out. Whether you are trying to lose weight, stay healthy or happen to accidentally go run around the park for an hour with your dog, activity helps burn calories and MAKE YOU HUNGRY! I have been experimenting with what I can eat after my runs that will fill me… Read more

March Forward: Spring Fitness giveaway

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(This giveaway has concluded.) Let’s say goodbye to the cold temps and a big HELLO to sunshine and pretty weather. I can’t wait to spend some time outdoors, and I hope you are too! The weather makes for a great outdoor workout. Whether it’s a jog around the park or a yoga sesh on the lawn, there are lots of fun fitness activities to do. To kick off the spring season… Read more

Affordable and Attractive Athletic Clothes

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Popular athletic brands such as luluLemon, The North Face and Nike carry stylish yet overpriced clothes and accessories. There’s no need to break the piggy bank to buy an expensive pair of yoga pants or a dry-fit tee. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite stores to buy cute and affordable clothes for your workouts. Target If you browse the Target activewear department, you can’t miss clothes made by Champion all over the place.… Read more

GenPink Picks: 3 Free iPad Apps for the Ladies

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Nike+ Training The Nike+ Training app is like your own personal trainer without really having to pay for one. This app provides workouts for your entire body and are all developed by Nike personal trainers. I like how you can choose a different type of workout each time. Such segments are “Get Strong”, “Get Toned” and “Get Lean”. The workouts are short and require minimal equipment. Superstar female athletes such as… Read more

GenPink Picks: Zaggora Viva HotPants

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Stay in shape while looking stylish this summer with Zaggora Viva HotPants! After two years of development, the HotPants were launched to help women maximize their workouts and get more bang for their buck. Why are the HotPants so awesome? Well, it all goes back to its technological foundation! Zaggora Viva Hot Pants have been tested at the Physiology Laboratories of a leading university in the UK. Researchers used a pool… Read more