The 10 Best Apps For A Career Woman

Real talk: it is stressful being a working woman. On any given day, you have to wake up, drink a cup of coffee, get yourself ready, drag your kids out of bed, drink a cup of coffee, make breakfast, pack lunches, drop the kiddos off at school, drink a cup of coffee, and hike yourself to work – and that all usually happens before 9am! Sheesh.

When the daily grind feels more like a daily sludge, it’s time to reconsider your approach. We’ve rounded up 10 of the best apps for the career woman so that organizing life is only ever as far away as your cell phone.


TeuxDeux is literally just a giant, digital to-do list (list lovers rejoice!). You can mark off finished tasks, create recurring to-do’s so you don’t have to remember that pesky Monday morning meeting every week on your own, and anything that doesn’t get done simply gets rolled over to the next day.



Have you ever spent a solid 10 minutes trying to remember every username and password combination you’ve ever created, only to get locked out after your 7 login attempts have failed? You need LastPass. It remembers all of your usernames and passwords for you (even the ones that have to be changed every 30 days), is incredibly secure, and you can have the whole family on there.



When you’re scrolling through your news feed, but don’t have time to read that article on which wine you should try based on your favorite Harry Potter character, you can use Pocket to save it for later. Pocket can save articles and videos directly from your browser onto your phone. The best part is that it works without wi-fi, so you can take it anywhere.



Dropbox is an oldie, but a goodie. Anything on your computer (whether it’s a personal laptop or work computer) should be backed up, because nothing induces panic like realizing you deleted the only existing copy of a legal document and have nowhere else to find it. Use Dropbox for images, photos, documents; anything that you would want backed up on your computer. It can also be used across devices, so it’s always easy to access whatever you need.



Mint keeps an eye on your money. Set up a monthly budget, and it will tell you exactly where your money went by category. You can also create a budget for bigger expenses you’re saving up for, and Mint will help you stay on track! Pay bills, get reminders, and receive alerts when unusual account charges occur. It’s like having a personal accountant in your phone.



Nothing adds frustration to your day like an email chain hitting double digits because your team is trying to figure out a meeting time that works with everyone’s schedule. Enter Doodle. Propose a time, invite meeting participants, and then the app will let you know what the most feasible meeting time is for everyone based on their schedule. You can use the time you just saved to do a happy dance or grab another cup of joe.


Nike Training Club

You’re tired at the end of the day, and it takes all of your energy just to get to the gym – now you have to plan and execute a killer workout? Not with Nike Training Club. Pick from three levels – beginner, intermediate, or advanced – select your workout (they range from 30-45 minutes), and get to sweatin’. The ‘trainer’ tells you exactly what to do, for how long, with how much weight, etc. There are instructional videos for the workouts you aren’t familiar with, and the app syncs up with Spotify or iTunes so you can still listen to music while the trainer is speaking.



Venmo allows you to send money to other people. It’s perfect for splitting the bill at group lunches, or pitching in last-minute for that baby shower gift. You can either keep money in the Venmo account, or link it directly to your card or bank account. It’s a safe, quick way to move money around, and is even an approved method of payment with several stores and merchants!



If you own your own business or do any freelance work, chances are that expense reports/taxes/any sort of money-related admin work makes you want to jump through your office window. Expensify single-handedly keeps track of all of your business expenses: Gas mileage, receipt scanning, reimbursements, travel – anything you can write off, Expensify can keep track of.



Ever have those days where you open the fridge and are greeted by a stalk of celery, ground turkey, and half an avocado? DinnerSpinner was created for those types of nights. Just plug in your main ingredients (or your main protein), the type of dish, and how long you want to spend slaving over your hot stove, and they’ll give you a recipe to follow. There are over 50,000 recipes, user ratings, and you can organize and save your favorite recipes by theme.


Getting a head start on your schedule and career requires organization, but it doesn’t have to require frustration; take a few minutes to research these apps to see which ones align most with your schedule and needs, and give your top picks a try!

Have you heard of (or used!) any of these apps before? Which ones do you think you’ll download?