Toddler Books: It’s Never Too Early To Learn A New Language!

If you have ever met anyone who can speak more than 3 languages, you most likely realized they started learning them from a young age.  Giving the gift of language to our kids is not only beneficial, but can also be extremely fun!  No matter what language we speak, we can all agree that art of communication is very important.  We might as well start planting the seeds of language in our young ones, and who knows… we might just end up learning a few new words ourselves!  Here is a collection of Spanish children’s books that we will all love reading.

1. Buenas Noches, Gorila

This is a book few in words yet plentiful in imagination, when all the animals of the zoo wish their beloved zookeeper a goodnight.  Not only are your little ones learning new words and sounds, they are also learning to fill in the gaps with their imagination.  As you read the book over and over, don’t be surprised when your kids point out hidden gems in the illustrations that you had never seen before.  This book will have our kids saying goodnight to the whole family, including the pets!

2. My colors  (Mis Colores)

With bright colors and large text, we are sure to keep our kids’ attention with this book.  Our children will love looking at the vivid colors while also being introduced to shapes, numbers, animals and objects.  This book will be sure to captivate the little ones!


3. Una Funcion de Titeres

In this Spanish version of “The Puppet Show”, each page tells a story about a group of kids that enjoy giving shows with their puppets.  The vocabulary in this book focuses on past tense Spanish verbs, which will be sure to keep you on your toes!  Don’t worry, a vocabulary list is given in the beginning of the book to make the learning easier for both parent and child.

4. Colors  (Colores)

Sometimes there is art in simplicity, and this book proves that.  ‘Colors’ is visually stimulating and uses real photos, instead of illustrations to help your child relate the color to the object.  Don’t be fooled by the title, this book will also teach you the names of objects and animals!

5. La Oruga Muy Hambrienta

This is the Spanish Version of the classic ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’.  With the easy-to-read, side-by-side English and Spanish text, it is easy to translate and understand, even if Spanish is not your native language.  This book is sure to be entertaining as well as interactive!

6. Maisy’s Animals (Los Animales de Maisy)

Our children are invited to meet some of Maisy’s favorite animals in this book.  Not only do we get to learn about her animals, but we also learn about her menu, toys, and clothing!  It is easy to fall in love with Maisy and her animals with the bright colors and easy-to-follow illustrations.

7. Feliz Cumpleanos

What could be better than the story about Tom, the hippopotamus?  This adorable hippo teaches our little ones how to share when he takes cupcakes from his mother to school and gives them to all of his friends.  We will love celebrating Tom’s birthday in this book!

8. Where is the Green Sheep?  (?Donde esta la oveja verde?)

We will be searching for the green sheep with our children in this book.  Our young ones will learn opposites and colors as the search continues.  There is a Spanish translation of each sentence directly below the English text.  Not only does this make the reading flow easier, it also makes it easier to understand. We will have to read to the end to see if our kids can find the elusive green sheep!


Do you speak a second language? If so, are you passing that language on to your little ones? Share with us your favorite books and tricks to encourage your kids to love language!