Toddler Exploration Books Roundup

It’s no secret that toddlers love touching things – at such a young age, a lot of exploration happens kinesthetically, which can mean a sad end to many a paperback book. We’ve rounded up our favorite toddler exploration books – they’re sturdy, interactive, and will teach your toddler something important about the world around them. From lift-the-flap books to books that let you play with your food, these stories will keep your little one entertained the entire time you read.


Peek-A-Baby: A Lift-the-Flap-Book

This cute little book is full of bright colors and interactive flaps that toddlers love. The engaging faces are a great way for little ones to begin identifying parts of the face, and they’ll love the easy-to-lift flaps on every page.


The Cheerios Play Book

This book is perfect for a morning book rotation – Cheerios get placed in the indentations on the pages, which not only keeps toddlers engaged, but helps with developing fine motor skills. The best part is that they get to eat the Cheerios when they’re done!


Splish, Splash, Daisy

This jigsaw book is sturdy, and the illustrations are adorable. Each page has a two-piece jigsaw puzzle per page, which is perfect for helping toddlers to develop motor skills. It’s a great pre-nap book, as the reader follows Daisy through the farm before it’s time for her to go to sleep.


Things That People Do

This Push and Pop book is a great interactive story for little ones to take part in; as Little Lucy asks questions about what people do, your toddler can turn the wheel to make a tab pop up with the correct answer. The drawings are cute and colorful, and your child will love the pop-up wheel on each page!


Things That Go

This book is a great introduction to different types of vehicles and modes of travel. Just like the other Push and Pop books, there’s a wheel that can be moved by your little one to pop the correct answer up. The illustrations are bright and colorful, and the interactive piece keeps toddlers engaged throughout the whole story!


Where Is Baby’s Belly Button? 

This sweet book follows several babies as they play peekaboo in this interactive lift-the-flap book. The story line follows the babies as they find and name different body parts, which is the perfect way to introduce your little one to the different parts of their body. The flaps are big so they’re easy to lift, and will keep your toddler entertained the whole time.


What’s your favorite interactive toddler book? Are there any we should add to our list?