Toddler Truck Books Roundup

Most toddlers go through a train/car/truck stage (or all three….at the same time), and reading books about their obsession is a great way to introduce concepts like color, shape, texture, and rhyme that they otherwise wouldn’t be interested in. We’ve rounded up our favorite toddler truck books (which have been approved by truck-crazed toddlers) – all can be found on Amazon for quick buying, and all have amazing reviews.


Little Blue Truck

Little Blue is a sweet little country pickup who uses kindness and his friendship with the local farm animals to help a rude dump truck out of the mud. The pictures in this book are beautiful, the rhyming is done very well, and it teaches a great lesson in being kind to people, even when they aren’t kind to you.


Toot Toot Beep Beep

With its bright colors and fun noises, this book is perfect for younger readers. There isn’t a plot line for little ones to try and keep up with, and they’ll love the unique noises each car makes as it zooms across the page. The text is simple and fun, and they’ll love the bright, blocky illustrations.


Monster Trucks!

This isn’t a book about the monster trucks you’d see at a truck rally, but monstrously large trucks! The trucks have huge, hilarious personalities and quirky physical features that toddlers will love. The book also has thick pages to withstand all of the use you’ll get out of it.


Red Truck

Mighty Red Truck has to splash through mud and rain to rescue the school bus on the side of the road, and becomes the hero of a rainy day. The illustrations are brightly colored and quirky, the fast-paced rhyming is fun and keeps the story moving quickly, and the sound effects like “Vroooom” and “Splooooosh” are so fun for little ones to say along with you.


Red Light, Green Light

This book doesn’t just teach about cars, but stoplights and road signs as well! Toddlers will love getting to point out the signs and lights they learned about while you’re driving, and the flap pages in the book make it feel like a pop-up (that’s far more sturdy for those little hands).


That’s Not My Truck…

This book not only teaches kids about different textures, it allows them to feel the different textures, too. There are squashy trucks, colorful trucks, trucks with ridges, and more! If your little one is obsessed with cars and trucks, this is a great way to start introducing textures to their vocabulary.


If your little one has their own favorite truck or car book, let us know in the comments section! We’re always looking to expand our own libraries, and love hearing what your toddler thinks the greatest truck book is.