True Confessions – I’m A Carbotarian!

Carbotarian – one who does not shy away from eating CARBS! They’re filling, and sometimes deemed the enemy, so when you eat your carbs don’t just go for any old potato chip. Make sure they’re creative, exciting, and DELICIOUS! These recipes will get you started on your way.


Blueberry Breakfast Grilled Cheese

EEBlueberry Breakfast Grilled Cheese
What better way to begin carbotarianism than starting with breakfast! It’s time to bring grilled cheese out of lunch-time and into the morning. Blueberries and cream cheese, toasted on the bread of your choice – great way to get your day going with some carbs! Here’s the recipe!


Vanilla Pudding Cinnamon Rolls (with Cream Cheese Frosting)

EEVanilla Pudding Cinnamon Rolls
I’m not ready to leave breakfast yet, especially when cinnamon rolls are on the menu! This recipe keeps the rolls moist by putting vanilla pudding in the batter. Topped with cream cheese frosting and these are IRRESISTIBLE! Try it here!


Baked Espresso Glazed Doughnut

EEBaked Espresso Donut
One more breakfast item – I LOVE BREAKFAST! You can have your coffee and your doughnut in one when you make these delicious treats. As with any good doughnut, make sure you go crazy with the sprinkles! Get the recipe here!


Spicy Coconut Noodles

EESpicy Coconut Noodles
Moving on to lunch, let’s get SPICY! Using coconut milk keeps it light. But don’t let that fool you, this recipe is still carbolicious with it’s load of noodles. Make and enjoy here!


White Pizza Lasagna

EEWhite Pizza Lasagna
Here’s a carbolicious mashup of two carbo-favs – pizza and lasagna. The goodness of layered cheese and pasta with all the fixings of a yummy pizza in between. Put all your favorite pizza toppings in there! Find out how to put it together here!


Jalapeno Pepperjack Mac N Cheese

EEJalepeno Pepper Jack Mac N Cheese
Mac ‘n’ cheese is a carbo-staple. It’s also a great vessel for interesting ingredients to make it into a whole new dish. This recipe adds spicy jalapeno peppers and three different kinds of cheese! Carbolicious cheesy goodness, find the recipe here!


Pizza Muffins

EEPizza Muffins
Again with the pizza, but this time in muffin form! Here’s another recipe where you can take your favorite pizza ingredients and make them into a carbolicious treat. Great for snacks and appetizers! Here’s how you make them!


Easy Pretzel Bread Bowls

EEEasy Pretzel Bread Bowls
Pretzels – an original carbolicious treat. And what’s even better, this recipe makes your pretzel do double duty as a soup bowl, a nice, easy, ALL NEW way to enjoy your favorite soup! Get the recipe here!


I hope you’ve gotten some great CARBOLICIOUS ideas. But when it comes to carbs – bread, pasta, pastries – the sky’s the limit! Find even more yummy, carb-filled recipes on my Carbotarian Pinterest Board here!

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