Gen-Y birthdays

Yesterday I celebrated my 24th birthday. I had a fantastic birthday weekend with my friends and family, but reaching this age means more than just light-hearted celebrations. It’s a reality check for me. I’ve asked myself questions today such as-

Where am I in life? Where do I want to be in five years? Who do I want to surround myself with?

My “this-is-real-life-and-I’m-only-getting-older” answers are below.

We’re growing up.

Graduate school, friends getting married, paying bills…this is real. And life is only getting more serious. While taking a look at my close friends, I notice we’re all working hard for the money or studying our butts off in grad school (or both!). We’re preparing ourselves for that dream job, and we take pride in that. And honestly, it’s hard to be friends with people who are slacking off and aren’t doing anything productive in their lives.

I’m still single.

And I love it. All the goody marriage stuff can wait for me. I have a career to focus on first. And, I don’t want to be broke and married. That would stink.

Keep on having fun.

I realize a night out with my girlfriends or an occasional date night is healthy for the soul. Being in my mid-twenties already seems stressful enough, and I sometimes forget to schedule in some fun time during the week. (I’ve literally had to schedule my hangouts with friends on my iCal because I can get THAT busy and scatterbrained.) Whether it’s grabbing dinner or hitting up a new bar in town, relax and enjoy yourself. If you focus on working and school 24/7 already at this age then you just might morph into a zombie…maybe.

And I leave you with this awesome video that can describe pretty much an average 24-year-old:

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  1. What I remember most about being 24 is that is when I met my wife. At that point, I wasn’t anticipating ever getting married.
    Buthaving been both, if rather be broke and married than broke and single because the later usually means being broke and trying to figure out how to posy for dates!