UK2TX: An Update and a Request

As you might remember, my college roommate lives in the UK and is planning a visit to Texas to see her family. I am excited to give an update that they are officially coming!! They will be here NEXT WEEK and staying through the end of August! I haven’t seen Holly since her wedding, which of course means that I also haven’t met either of her sons.

A quick recap on the family: Dad: Chaplain to students, Mom: on maternity leave, Dylan: 2.5 year old, Coen: 4.5 month old.

So here’s where the request comes in…

I’d like to help them raise the cost of their flights before they return home to the UK at the end of August.

Because they are currently a single income family (and on a Chaplain’s income at that), I thought it would be great if the generous people the internetz (aka you) could help. The total for the flights alone was about £2500 which is apparently about $4,000 American dollars.

If you feel inclined to donate any amount (even $1) and/or spread the word by sharing this post via email, Facebook, Twitter, or any other form you see fit, they would be beyond grateful! The donation is done via paypal, so you don’t need to sign up for anything and there are no fees. You can go directly to the donation site here: or via the widget below.

“Dylan decided we should become an impromptu human train”

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