Upcycle – Your New Stuff With an Old Twist

Upcycling – the new remodeling with an old twist! How often do you see a piece of furniture on the side of the road or at a garage sale and think, “With some sandpaper and new paint, that would look great in my living room!” Me too! But upcycling doesn’t just stop at furniture. Here are some great ideas to upcycle a lot of your old items.


1. Old Wine Corks to New Picture Board

Put those wink corks to use! Stack them together like this or glue them into a frame, and these old bottle stoppers become a creative place to pin your pictures, to-do lists, and important memos. See more here!


2. Old Shirts to New Pillow Shams

Give an old button up shirt new life by turning it into a pillow sham. This would work great for that vintage thrift store find too. Not only do you get a new, comfy throw pillow, but your couch gets a whole new vintage look! Find how to do it here!


3. Old Ladder to New Book Shelves

Do you have an old wooden ladder that’s just to scary to use any more? Hang it on the wall and now you have a brand new book shelf! Paint or stain it to your liking, or keep it as is for some rustic texture. See more about this idea here!


4. Old Dresser to New TV Console

This is a great way to repurpose your old dresser and add a new look to your living room. With some paint and new hardware, you won’t even recognize your old piece of furniture! Find out how to do it here!


5. Old Drawer to New Bulletin Board

Now that you’re done turning your dresser into your new tv stand, what do you do with the old drawers? Upcycle those too by turning them into your brand new bulletin board. Add a pop of color with some some scrapbook paper, or make it into a funky picture frame! Find the ideas here!


6. Old Makeup to New Craft Paint

Thats right! Add the old remnants of your blush, bronzer, or eye shadow to good old Elmer’s Glue for a brand new crafting tool. It’s DIY puff paint! Get the recipe here!


7. Old Door to New Corner Shelf

Door Shelf
Upcycle your blank corner into a useful space with this creative corner bookshelf idea. Get to the thrift store and find an old wooden door to turn into a new corner book shelf. Get instructions on how to do it here!


8. Old Chair to New Drink Stand

Chair Stand
Wow all your friends at your next party with this awesome upcycle. An old, worn out chair becomes a vintage ice bucket holder for your summer party drinks. Everyone’s going to love it! Get the plans here!


I hope you’ve enjoyed these upcycle ideas. With a little bit of creativity you can make the old new, give it new purpose, and make your home FABULOUS! Check out my DIY: Repurpose/Upcycle Pinterest board here for even more ideas!