Walls of Interest – DIY Upcycled Wall Art

Raise your hand if you love to repurpose. Keep them up if your walls are bare or need some creativity thrown up onto them. This one’s for all of YOU! (FYI: Both of my hands are in the air!) Let’s get those piles of leftover stuff out of your craft closet and onto your walls with some DIY MAGIC!


Shower Curtain Wall Art

DIYShower Curtain
So you’ve got an old shower curtain that no longer matches your updated bathroom but STILL has some charm. Time to make it into a one-of-a-kind wall hanging! It’s the perfect size for a big statement piece to put anywhere an old wall needs some updating. Here’s how to do it!


Greeting Card Makeover

DIYCard Art
So you’ve got all of these wonderful greeting cards that you want to keep but don’t want to store away in a box. Give those memories a second life! Grab a frame, cut them into a cute shape (heart, circle, square, whatever) and get them up on the wall. You can save the part with the message on it, but displaying the front will give you a unique art piece. Find out how here!


Small Photo Display

DIYSmall Photos
So you’ve got a bunch of beloved, small photographs but you don’t want to buy a bunch of frames. This DIY gives you a way to display them without the added expense of framing. It’s even easy enough to store multiple photos in one clip, then switch them out occasionally for a totally updated piece! Get creative with it here!


Pretty Magazine Display

DIYMagazine Display
So you’ve got a stack of artsy magazines you want to keep but don’t have any more bookshelf space. Get them up on the wall! Artfully hang them in an easily reachable area so they’re displayed and accessible for when you want to read them again. Here are the instructions!


Framed Calendar Prints

DIYCalendar Prints
So you’ve got last year’s calendar, with all it’s cool monthly pictures, but you don’t want to just throw it away or stick it in a drawer. This is the perfect opportunity to update some wall space with a classy collage! See how it’s done here!


Shoebox Lid Art

DIYShoebox Lid Art
So you’ve got some old shoebox lids, a favorite book, and some black paint, but you just don’t know how to get them together into an awesome piece of art. Using this DIY know-how, YOU CAN! Put your art skills to the test and make a lit-approved wall hanging. Here are the plans!


Moulding-Framed Wallpaper

DIYFramed Wallpaper
So you’ve got some leftover, snazzy wallpaper but not enough wall for it. Time for an art project! This is a great place to put your old wall moulding to use as well. The great part – you can make it a big statement piece or a subtle pop of color, it’s all up to you! Here’s how it’s done.


String Art

DIYString Art
So you have some leftover string from the project you just finished, but you don’t want it to go to waste. With a wooden board, some tack nails, and your crafty ingenuity, you now have all the makings of a beautiful string art wall piece. Find out how here!


It’s almost guaranteed that these DIY wall art ideas will make your next house guests go, “Wow!” They’ll be even more impressed when they find out how it got there! Get even more crafty DIY home projects from my DIY: Decor Pinterest board here.