Winter Habits: Staying Healthy and Happy in the Cold Months

In the long, bleak winter months, it is easy to fall out of healthy habits and feel sluggish and unmotivated. But it is possible to keep that from happening. Here are some great ways to embrace the winter months and keep yourself energized and happy.


1. 23 Songs to Play You to Sleep


Sometimes it can be hard to quiet your mind long enough to fall asleep. Check out this list of calm sleepy songs for a sweeter and longer night and for a fresher morning. Get the list here!


2. Beginner Running Tips from A Beginner Runner


For those who are not athletically inclined but who love the way they feel when they are, these tips will be extremely helpful. They will help you to get through the process you hate and get to the results you love. Get the tips here!


3. Little Traditions: Wine Cork Memories


Not only does this project make for adorable décor, but it is such a great way to remind yourself of celebration and all the happy moments—especially when you’re feeling down. Not to mention, it will give you an excuse to use more bottles of wine. Learn more here!


4. What to Eat Before and After A Workout


You can work out as much as you want and make no progress if you’re not eating the right foods. It’s not easy to know what’s right to eat though. These great eating tips will help you to feel better after your workout and to get more from it. Learn more here!


5. The Perfect Yoga Sequence for Desk Dwellers


After a long day sitting in the same position, muscles tense up and kinks form. The perfect way to rid of that pain and unwind for the night is to stretch your muscles through the smooth flow of yoga. If you’re not a yoga expert though, you might need some guidance. Learn some basic but effective yoga poses that will help you relax. Find them here!


6. Shopping Your Closet: Looking Stylish with 10 Key Wardrobe Pieces


Wearing nice clothes can be a big part of feeling awesome, but not everyone has enough money to spend on expensive stylish clothes. However, it is possible to dress stylishly even with a tight budget. Learn about the ten items that can easily transform your wardrobe here.


7. Honey Remedy


During the winter, colds are flying all around. Of course the distracting and highly unpleasant sore throats and coughs are a part of this. Be prepared to kick sore throats in the butt with this soothing honey lemon coat throat recipe. Get the recipe here!


8. Homemade Bath Bombs for Stressed Moms


What better way to wind down than with a long hot bath? With these soothing easy-to-make, oil-infused bath bombs, you can further improve your relaxing experience. Get the recipe here!


I hope you found some new helpful tips, ideas, and inspirations to help you have an awesome energized winter. To find more, visit my Healthy-Happy- Be More Awesome Pinterest board here!