Wishlist Ideas for the Gal Who Has Everything

Wishlist Ideas for the Gal Who Has Everything

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Wishlist Ideas for the Gal Who Has Everything

One of the many things Dallas can claim is beautiful weather. Rarely comes a day when the thermometer reads lower than 50 degrees. But when it does, you can bet we feel every bit of that cold! So even though we don’t use them often, we still need some cold-weather gear for those few-and-far-between cold snaps.

One of my go-tos is a comfy blanket. When the temps drop I head to the chest where my duvet lives for most of the year. There’s just something about knowing it’s cold outside while you’re snuggled up inside beneath a warm duvet. Duvets are one of those lovely things that are practical, but can be dressed up to add color and style to your bedroom.

Browsing through Society6, I think I found exactly what I need for that next, though rare, chilly day, when the duvet comes out. Society6 has a duvet cover for just about every home-style taste out there. From high-end beauty, like the Marble Rose Gold, to cute and funny like the I’ll Never Let Go, these duvet covers are the perfect cold-weather gear. AND, when those temps get back up to our usual 70s and 80s, I can use it as a light bed cover outside of the duvet!

While I’m at it, I might as well arm myself with a cute coffee mug and notebook from Society6. That way, while I keep my outsides warm with the blanket, I can keep my insides warm with some tea and my mind going with writing ideas. The sun may be shining outside, but the current chill in the air is winter enough for this Texas gal!

Society6 has something for literally everyone when it comes to home goods and gift ideas. We all have that one friend or family member who is difficult to buy gifts for because they’re so much more quirky and fun than the basic candle. Society6 is the place to go! Don’t believe me? Just browse their tote bag selection – I guarantee you’ll find one quirky enough for that friend of yours!

*PS: I almost made the title of this post Wishlist Ideas for the GIRL Who Has Everything – but then Little Mermaid popped in my head, so I changed it. But the song is there still there, I bet it’s in your head now too. You’re welcome.