Working with a Control Freak

Some of us have managers who micromanage the heck out of us. This can be rather annoying because this person second guesses you or shakes up your confidence. Leaving your job isn’t always an ideal choice, especially in a time of high unemployment. Here are some tips to work around the micromanager at work.

Be Reliable

The micromanager would be very happy if his or her team shows up on time and delivers on time. Of course that doesn’t always happen in real life, so it’s important for your staff to be extra reliable. A control freak loves to be in control. In order for the manager to not make unfair requests to the team, talk to your staff about efficiently coordinating all the tasks. In that case the manager won’t step in if you have everything under control.

Prepare for their needs

Stay ahead of the manager’s schedule and prepare for what’s coming up. This will help release tension for the both of you. You can identify any problems and stop them from escalating in the future. Also, have fresh ideas and alternatives ready to share with the management team should a problem arise.

Watch for behavioral patterns

Usually the manager has a typical behavioral pattern at work (and probably in his or her personal life too). Micromanagers are known to be very predictable. There might be certain days and times of the week where the manager’s mood swings lashes out. Be prepared for this to help ease the manager.

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