Day: September 18, 2007

Twenty Something Bloggers

I wanted to point out the little Twenty Something blogger badge in my sidebar and tell you a little bit about it. A few weeks ago Lisa had the brilliant idea to create a network of Twenty Something Bloggers. As of right now we have 23 bloggers in our 20something blog ring. We were looking […]

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Debit or Credit? Do you know the right answer?

Here’s the scenario: you are shopping in your local grocery store and the woman behind the check out asks you “will that be debit or credit?”. You are very aware that you are holding your debit card but to make matters easier you just say credit. After all it is quite an ordeal to remember […]

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How to properly steal the design of a website

I am in the process of redesigning GenPink (cue anticipation sound) so I found this post on How to properly steal the design of a website pretty entertaining. First things first, admit it: you suck. You’re a moron and a cheat. It’s likely that you’ll never ever really achieve anything in life because you lack […]

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