3 reasons to watch Thor: Ragnarok


(As if Chris Hemsworth isn’t enough of a reason!)

Chris Hemsworth is back as Thor in Thor: Ragnarok, now out in theaters. Marvel know this movie would be a hit, so they let the media start reviewing it much earlier than usual. And boy was Marvel right. The film is packed with exciting adventures, beautiful costumes, funny one-liners and overall artistic cinematography. I had a chance to catch an advanced screening of Thor: Ragnarok, and here are three reasons why this movie rocks, and you should go see it ASAP. (Warning: This post contains a couple of spoilers!)


Amazing visuals

Credit: Marvel

Asgard has fallen, and it’s up to Thor and his crew to save the precious community. Stripped from his mighty hammer by Hela (played by Cate Blanchett) the God of Thunder depends on smaller, less powerful weapons and his own strength to defeat the demons in his way. The thrilling scenes begin at the very beginning, and it’s non-stop action from there. The producers did a great job making the comic book come to life. Along the way, movie-goers will experience stunning visuals and effects (and yes, there’s plenty of lightening!). Watch the flick in 3-D for a much more breathtaking time.



Cate Blanchett impresses as Hela

Photo credit: Marvel

The beautiful Cate Blanchett stars as Hela, the Asgardian Goddess of Death. And surprise – she’s Thor’s older sister! (I told you there’d be spoilers in this post.) Even though we’re not rooting for Hela, she still possesses a badass and fearless style. Blanchett plays a resilient character with calm confidence and a composed attitude. As the Marvel concept has been dominated by men over the years, it’s obvious to say Blanchett proved herself in this strong female role.



Thor and Loki’s brotherly bond

Credit: nerdist.com

Marvel fans know it’s been a while since we’ve seen Loki. And while he wasn’t the nicest person to Thor, it’s safe to say Loki’s mischievous self has come around a bit. The brotherly bond between Loki and Thor doesn’t kick off immediately, but later, viewers will feel the genuine brotherhood relationship. Loki unexpectedly helps Thor in desperate times, and the two work together to defeat evil in Asgard.


Don’t forget to stick around after the credits! Thor: Ragnarok is rated PG-13.


(Disclaimer: I was invited to an advanced screening, and all opinions are my own.)