Our 7 favorite awkward moments from The Bachelor

Season 20 of The Bachelor was full of heartbreak, screaming girls, gallons of wine and more drama. We couldn’t have asked for less! As the season comes to an end, we’ve rounded up our favorite awkward moment with Bachelor Ben and the girls.



7. Swimming with pigs in the ocean

This trip for the girls and Ben to a beautiful beach led to a surprise swim with pigs. Weird much? Oink oink!



6. That time a girl wore a giant flower on her head.

Seriously, WHY?!


5. When two returning cast members made a comeback (and no one really cared)…

You lost once….and clearly again this season. Sorry ’bout ya!


4. The Twins – a package deal?

The sisterly love was truly tested this season as both Emily and Haley joined the cast. Though really pretty and nice, I don’t think they portrayed the dating-twins-fantasy the show was going for.


3. Putting up with a drunk.

Personally, I liked Lace. She put some class in her drama and didn’t settle for the BS. And, we share a love for wine…which hers definitely exceeds mine as noticed in the first few episodes. One of our fave lines from her to Ben at a Rose Ceremony was, “You weren’t looking me in the eyes.” BURN.


2. Olivia and her jaw-dropping mouth

Probably the most viral moment of the season was the ongoing open-mouth look of when Olivia couldn’t contain herself. There’s even a Twitter page dedicated to this very precious moment.

Credit: twitter.com/bachelorolivia
Credit: twitter.com/bachelorolivia


1.  When Ben tells the final TWO girls that he loves them.

This was a total Bachelor no-no! But it happened, and it was AWKWARD!


What were some of your favorite awkward moments from the show so far? We’re looking forward to the moment of truth in the season finale next week on ABC!


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