5 ways to organize your nail polish

As girls, we tend to have a tremendous amount of nail polish bottles. I was looking to organize mine this week and came across five cute and decorative ways to store my delicate bottles. Take a look at these cost-effective options, below.

Candy Jar

GenPink Editor Elysa repurposed this candy jar from her wedding, and what an adorable look it has! Drop your bottles into a jar such as this one for an easy safe keeping.

nail polish in a candy jar via genpink.com


Picture frame

This option isn’t necessarily a space saver but rather a cute display of your pretty nail polish shades. Grab some picture frame (maybe you like vintage or a special color scheme), and organize your bottles on the glass/plastic part of the frame. It’s an easy way to reach for your polish and could be stored on top of your dresser or a book shelf.

nail polish on a frame via genpink.com

Dessert stand

Who would have thought to use a dessert stands for something other than…dessert? Using a stand like this is a space saver and extremely stylish.

Credit: Pinterest
Credit: Pinterest


Magnetic board

I saw this on Babble and thought this was a really craft way to keep up with all your nail polish and to impress your friends! Buy a large magnetic board from the craft store, as well as some small, circular magnets to superglue to each bottle.

Credit: Babble
Credit: Babble


Mason Jar

There are so many uses for a mason jar these days, and using them for beauty purposes is a must! Whether you’re dropping in nail polish bottles, makeup brushes, nail files or cotton balls, this jar is a cheap way to go for your beauty storage.

nail polish in a mason jar via genpink.com


What other ways do you organize your nail polish? Feel free to comment below!

Pro tip: While you’re organizing your bottles, don’t forget to test them out too, and get rid of any stale polishes. Grab some scratch paper, card board or an old magazine to dab each color of polish on the surface. Create a keep file, a giveaway pile (for those shades that are still fluid but not your favorite color) and trash the others that don’t work well anymore.