Author: David Stehle

David Stehle is the Founder of a Network Security Consulting company by day, blogger by night, and B.A.S.E jumper in training on the weekends. Check out his blog The Rest Is Still Unwritten. Follow him on Twitter @davidstehle.
That Which Doesn't Kill You Fills You

That Which Doesn’t Kill You Fills You

Like many 20-somethings, I have a “30 Before 30” list. It’s a list of 30 things I want to accomplish before age 30, a smaller chunk of a larger Bucket List. Growing up I had a lot of preconceived ideas of things I thought I wanted to accomplish, or thought I should accomplish, before age […]

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Top 10 Cold Hard Truths About Entrepreneurship

This is the 7th post in December’s Top Tens in 2010 Series. This guest post was written by David Stehle, a Network Security Consultant (Founder and CEO) by day. By night, David is active in the 20sb (20something bloggers) community and blogs at The Rest Is Still Unwritten. So you want to take the plunge! Say […]

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