Author: Julianna LoCascio

I am a Personal Trainer, National Health Advisor and freelance Writer living in Texas. I graduated with honors from Southern Methodist University in 2007 with a bachelors in Journalism. I then went on to receiving both my Bio-mechanics and personal training certificate from The Cooper Institute of Dallas as well as my national nutritional adviser certificate back in 2007. I was raised by two Chiropractic parents in the DFW area and I have been eagerly intrigued by the body and its functions ever since. I am an avid researcher and teacher for health education and have witnessed and found proven methods to prevent cancer and disease. After losing two parents to cancer within a year span. I am passionate and determined to find the answer to the bodies cellular disfunctions and I believe it all begins in the mind. I am fully committed to changing the lives of every person I meet. My enthusiasm for health and wellness has inspired me to coach people with nutrition, physical rehab, range of motion and proper supplementation to feel stronger from inside and out. I love to speak and teach about the mind-body connection and to shift people's common perceptions to what's literally possible for them physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually!
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Fit in the City for the Holidays!

Enjoy the Holidays without gaining weight!   Many Americans gain between 5 to 15 pounds during the November and December months! Fit in the City has teamed up with Jay’s Boot Camp (the official fitness trainers of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders) to provide a brand new program that provides the BEST workouts, wellness coaching and online […]

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10 Ways Getting More Zzzzz Will Improve Your Health

This guest post was written by Julianna LoCascio, a personal friend who I like to call the food police. Julianna is a personal trainer who most certainly practices what she preaches. Listen up people!…What I’m getting ready to share with you will change your quality of life and could be the sole reason why you […]

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U is for Understanding Yourself

If I had to sum up what the twenties are really, truly about I’d say it’s a phase of discover, a time to really understand ourselves. The quarterlife crisis, and a large part of the stress all stem back to the issue of discovering our identity. For me during all of my young years I […]

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