Author: Lauren Reed Finegan

Health & fitness nut who likes being happy, iced almond milk lattes + gluten free goodies, Zumba, + retro/vintage thrifting. I'm a go getter, jet setter, + naturally caffeinated. When I'm not blogging or tweeting socially relevant content, I am wearing a sundress while eating tacos with my husband + our two cuddly pups...Then I capture it all by taking pictures + posting on #instagram.
Blaine's Dallas Goes Uptown

Blaine’s Dallas Goes Uptown

Are you an Uptown Girl? Even if you aren’t one at heart, you will definitely look and feel like one after a treatment or two at Blaine’s Dallas. Blaine Schlaudt, local hair stylist and owner of Blaine’s Color on Westchester Drive for many years, decided to expand and bring his style empire to Mckinney Avenue. […]

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