Author: Rebecca Thorman

Rebecca Thorman writes about the actual ideas evolving our digital lives at Kontrary, which picks up where the rest of the web left off. I question innovation, media, gender and more through the screens of technology.

Why aren’t you happy, darn it?

This guest post was written by Rebecca Thorman, one of the first female Gen Y bloggers I “met” online. Many of you may know of Rebecca from her previous blog Modite, what you might not know is that Rebecca launched a new blog… Kontrary picks up where the rest of the web left off. Ah, […]

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W is for Wage

There are a few people who I would consider to be big names in writing specifically about Gen Y, Rebecca Thorman is one of those names. On her blog Modite, Rebecca gives advice to “navigate beyond the line of work and play.” Rebecca will be sharing her career advice today on a topic that is […]

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