Blogger business tips: 5 reasons to use Freshbooks

For years, I’ve been using FreshBooks (my personal referral link) to manage accounting documents projects for my blog business, and I absolutely love it. FreshBooks is a cloud accounting website where customers can sign up for free to use its online invoice service. If you manage a blog or another business where you’re paying someone, consider using Freshbooks for your accounting work if you aren’t already. More than 5 million people use FreshBooks to make billing painless! You’ll be invoicing like a pro in just a matter of minutes.


Here are five more reasons to check out FreshBooks for blogging or freelance business: 

Save time billing

Easily send invoices in just a couple of minutes to your recipients. FreshBooks tracks all of your invoices, making it easy for you to track payments…especially during tax season!

Digital payments

FreshBooks makes it simple to send online credit card payments to your staff within a secure website. There are no hidden fees, and the process is seamless and quick.

Excellent customer service

Reliable customer service is at the heart of FreshBooks. The award-winning team is reliable and available via phone, email, in their forum and on Twitter. Even though FreshBooks is a cloud accounting company, they believe that they’re in the business of serving small business owners.

Track your time

FreshBooks makes it easy for customers to input their billable time and keep track of it for future use. You won’t miss logging in your hours anymore! For blogging, we use this to track contributors, invoicing brands, and tracking projects for other bloggers.

There’s an app for that.

Download the free FreshBooks app on your phone or tablet to access your files on-the-go.


Paid packages start just at $9.95 per month. Contact a representative at FreshBooks for more details on pricing. You can even try many of their paid services 30 days for free!

Fellow bloggers, I want to know what sort of tracking and invoicing tools do you use?