Celebrate Black Histroy Month with the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust

Throughout the month of February, several organizations in the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust will feature Black voices in an array of virtual performing arts and in-person public art pieces. Read more below!


Liberty Magic and Monday Night Magic

Tickets: TrustArts.org/Magic






Monday, February 1

Ran’D Shine – The New Face of Magic

Joshua Messado – The Lord of the Rings

Chris Capehart – The Master Magician


Monday, February 8

Lion Fludd : A Hustler You Can Trust

Benjamin Barnes: He is MAGIC!


Monday, February 15

Kevin Beth

Noah Sonie


Monday, February 22

Eric Jones

The Evasons



Harris Theater @ Home

Tickets: TrustArts.org/Film









Our Right to Gaze: Black Film Identities (Six short films)

Available to stream February 14 – February 28


Antu Yacob

Toryn Seabrooks

Kyla Sylvers

Lin Que Ayoung

Zora Bikangaga

Ya’Ke Smith



Available to stream February 14 – February 28

Director: Jean-Philippe Gaud


The Story of Lover’s Rock

Available to stream February 5 – February 28

Director: Menelik Shabazz


202021: a new constellation

Curated by Tereneh Idia

lima beans art

Many believe that constellations are created by the stars, planets, and other objects of light in the cosmos. However, some Indigenous communities of the Americas like the Incan Empire found constellations in the dark spaces between the light.

202021: a new constellation is a body of work by Black, Pittsburgh-based artists. The art, the space between and the act of you moving to view the art, creates a new celestial body; a ground constellation; a space for celebration of Black creativity and people.

You will see images of women moving through the city acting as tour guides, images of celebration in a crowd or with a couple. 202021: a new constellation is an exploration of a new way to tell time, textiles of comfort and culture – joyous, defiant, happy, and contemplative images of Black women.

Enjoy this new constellation being formed at the end of 2020 and into 2021 – a space we create in Pittsburgh in celebration of Blackness and Black Pittsburgh.


We Are The Global Majority

Window installation by the #notwhite collective

Location: SPACE

Photo credit: Pittsburgh Cultural Trust

The #notwhite collective’s We Are The Global Majority window installation at SPACE celebrates the dreams and vision of 13 women artists whose mission is to use non-individualistic, multi-disciplinary art to make their stories visible as they relate, connect and belong to the Global Majority.


Spread the Love, Pittsburgh

In the month of love, book a stay in a participating hotel and get $100 value to dine, shop and experience the best of Downtown. Help keep the Cultural District vibrant and its businesses alive during the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust’s intermission! More details.