Charlie’s Angels brings Girl Power back to the Big Screen!

Girl power is back in a big way with the 2000 reboot of the popular movie series Charlie’s Angels!

Directed and written by actress Elizabeth Banks, this new version with a beautiful female cast is packed with great action scenes and an incredible message about female empowerment.

Director Banks can certainly take credit for creating a fun, mature, power packed perspective about 3 beautiful lady spies for hire, but the actresses make this movie enjoyable and keep you engaged in a wonderful way. 


Hats off to Kristen Stewart who is undoubtedly the comedic standout in this movie!  The former vampire and runaway princess is clearly the quirky one in the trio and seems to get great enjoyment out of it.  As the comic relief in the film, it’s great to see her charm a man and then strangle him in the very next second.


Stewart is also joined on screen with Naomi Scott who you may remember as Jasmine from the “Aladdin” reboot and Ella Balinska in her first major movie role. Scott plays a whistleblower scientist who needs help from the Angels to keep her newest experiment out of the wrong hands.

Between the chases, explosions and heists, the friends grow closer and become teammates.

Check out the trailer below – Charlie’s Angels is now out in theaters everywhere!