Currently Reading

Genpink contributor, Hannah here with another edition of Currently Reading. We’ll use the term “currently” loosely since it’s been a while since my last book round-up. What are you reading lately? Oh and, this post contains affiliate links.

Currently Reading

In the last few months I haven’t had much time to read but I have had a chance to check out a few fantastic books.

The Liar N Roberts

The Liar

I was intrigued by the book jacket on this one, I have read several books by Nora Roberts some are very romanced based but every now and again she writes a thriller novel. This book was incredible; a woman finds out that her husband wasn’t who she thought it was once he died. Her journey through finding herself and figuring out who her husband was, is he still alive or is he dead? This would be the perfect book for your thanksgiving travels, you won’t mind being stuck in the airport with this story. I had a hard time putting this book down there were twists and turns in the plot that I didn’t expect and it has been a while since I stayed up way past my bedtime to read a book.


Piranha Cussler

Piranha (The Oregon Files)

Over the years I have read many of the books by Clive Cussler, the first book of his I read was Sahara (yes the one from the movie where Matthew McConaughey is a hunky archeologist). I have long enjoyed his books but this one was pretty fun, it got right to the point (some Cussler books take about 100 pages to get into the best part of the story). The plot studies a group of covert spies trying to uncover a scientific breakthrough from around 1900. I found it a gripping tale of trying to figure out who is attempting to kill the good guys and how on earth are they going to escape this time. This is a great beach read on the off chance that you have a vacation coming up.

Obsession Falls C Dodd

Obsession Falls (The Virtue Falls Series)

I will admit that this book took me a few chapters to get into, I wasn’t sure that I was interested in the story of a woman who witnessed an attempted murder and then is forced to survive. After a few chapters in I couldn’t bear to stop reading about how she was able to survive against the odds. She was able to figure out whom she saved and how to survive when life falls apart. This book is good for a snowday (if you live in that part of the country).