Delicious and Affordable: Meals on a Budget

One of the biggest expenses in a budget is food. Daily we have to come up with delicious meals that satisfy us and anyone we’re cooking for. This list is here to make that task easier and much less expensive!


Cook for Leftovers

Budget your money and your meals by spending a bit more, making a bit more, then freezing the leftovers for later. These are recipes that taste great the first time around AND after being reheated. Get them here!


Ready Made Grocery List

Get started on a budget with this ready-made grocery list for a week of meals. Take this with you to the store and you’re all set! Find it here.


Budget Cooking Tips

Make cooking on a budget a lifestyle with these tips and tricks for stretching your meals, making less and still getting full, and delicious recipes you can stretch over more than one meal. Get all the tips here!


Healthy and Cheap Recipes

This slide shows gives you a whole bunch of recipes where servings are less than $3 each. With healthy ingredients in each one, staying fit won’t be difficult either! Find the slideshow here.


Brunch on a Budget

Your next brunch party doesn’t have to make a big impact on your budget with these wallet-friendly recipes. Brunch on a budget – sounds delicious! Get the recipes here.


Over 100 Recipes for a Tight Budget

Here is your one-stop-shop for recipes on a budget. From grocery lists to detailed cooking steps, this will give you all you need to know! Get it here.


Grocery Salad Bar Tips

We’ve all see the grocery store salad bars. You may have stopped in for lunch once in awhile too. Here’s how you can make the most of those salad bars, get just what you need and spend as little as possible. Get the tips here!


Recipes for Staying Cool and on Budget

Sometimes it’s hard to decide what to cook in hot weather, especially when you want something that will help you cool down. Try some great, budget friendly recipes that will help you stay cool in the heat of summer. Get them here!


I hope you’ve found some helpful ways to keep your food tasty and your budget happy. Find even more recipes, tips, and budget savers on my Food on the Cheap Pinterest board here!