Review: Dinnerly meal kits

Chances are you’ve tried a meal kit or two. (Am I right?) There are many reasons as to why meal kits are appealing, especially to millennials. Maybe you hate grocery shopping…. you want to cook more at home… or you’re flat out too busy to think about dinner during a busy work week. It happens!

So, meal kits are a simple answer for meals without the hassle. Take Dinnerly for instance, one of the newest meal kits around. You can make your meal selection online, and the ingredients are delivered right to your house the next week. What really interested me about Dinnerly is the price; it’s about half the price of other meal kits. It’s only $5 per meal!

The recipe cards are online instead of printed off, which helps the meal kit prices low. They still offer high-quality ingredients and tasty meals!

The package arrived in a recyclable box with two big ice packs to keep your food cold until you get home. I ordered the box for 3 meals per 2 adults.


I used my tablet to view the recipe cards while whipping up my meal in the kitchen. Click here to see the weekly menus.


Simple ingredients that still make for delicious, healthy meals. Each recipe has easy-to-follow instructions with six steps or less.



The first recipe my roommate and I made was the Chicken Quinoa Grain Bowl. With grilled chicken, asparagus and quinoa, this dinner left us full and satisfied without the guilt of high calories and fat. As an option, you can add a side of salad or anything you want, if you feel like it! (Sides are not included in the kits – just the meals.)

Overall, Dinnerly was a fun cooking experiment to try, and the affordable options plus tasty meals will have me coming back for more orders. Customers can choose either the two-person size or the four-person size. You can choose to have Dinnerly deviled weekly, or skip weeks whenever you want. Have you tried Dinnerly before? Share your comments with us below. For more information on this meal kit, visit their website. 

(Disclaimer: My sample was complimentary, and all opinions are my own.)