Don’t I Know You??

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General self awareness and safety tips all women should know:

Have you ever noticed that sex sells? Sure you have and advertising professionals know that too! That’s why we see pictures of attractive people featured in ads. Often the people in the advertisements are professional actors and not actually employees of the business.

Putting Your Pictures on Business Cards

Many women in real estate, banking, cosmetics, etc. will put their picture on their business cards because they want to show that they are professional and have a face you can trust. Now that you recognize them from their advertisement you are more likely to feel comfortable letting them into your home. Here’s why this can be a problem… first, the person being advertised is invited to a stranger’s home, not knowing what to expect. Second, you invited a total stranger to your home that you know nothing about, except what you know from the advertisement. Don’t invite or go to strangers homes without a personal safety plan. Don’t give the bad guys an advantage!

Wearing a name badge… particularly outside of work

Photo Credit: biancavanderwerf

For many of us part of our daily business life requires the use of a name tag or badge.  We put it on in the morning as part of our outfit and don’t take it off until we get home at the end of the day. Wearing a name badge is great for networking and getting your name out there, but it also gives an opening for a bad guy or woman looking to start a random conversation with you. Let’s face it, if someone walked up and started a conversation with you by name you would probably engage in conversation with them thinking you either knew them, or maybe that you have done business with them in the past.  Take your badge off when you leave the office unless you’re required to wear it. Don’t give the bad guys an advantage!

And what about your childrens’ names

Not advertising names also applies to your children, nieces, nephews, and so on by not writing their name on all of their belongings. This includes backpacks, jewelry, jerseys, notebooks, etc… Children are taught not to be rude so if so an adult started a conversation with them by name, they would think they are supposed to talk to them. Instead we suggest that you identify your child by attaching a sticker to their personal items such as a picture of their favorite cartoon character, or a picture of their pet at home. Let your child’s teacher & daycare know that this is how you want to identify your son or daughter. This is safer & it can be fun for the kids.Don’t give the bad guys an advantage!

It happens more than you want to know

Promoting pictures of yourself, not removing your name badge when not needed or identifying your children with name tags could be dangerous. For all of us that watch TV I know you have seen the show where a bad guy picks out his victim. Guess what, that’s not just fiction! It happens more than you want to know.  Don’t give the bad guys an advantage!

(This post was written for GenPink by Tracy Vega, Co-Founder Simple Self Defense for Women®.)