Encouragement! Words to Live By

We all have those days. Those days when our troubles seem too many, our mountains seem too great, we feel too alone, our minds are too full, the minutes are too few. On those days, sometimes a little word of encouragement is all we need to pick ourselves back up and forge ahead in our day. I hope these little snippets give you the encouragement you need to make it through a rough day, or help make your good day a little better.


Strength to Start Over

If you have a friend going through a rough time, this is a perfect way to remind them that it’s never too late to have a fresh start!


You Matter!

You Matter
The mere fact that you are here on this earth means you have the strength to endure. Remember your strengths and your worth- you are irreplaceable!


Starting Now

Starting Now
What goal is still only a dream? What task have you been waiting for the right day to start? Perhaps today is the day.



Isn’t it empowering to know that we determine our happiness each day? This is such a great pick-me-up quote to send in a lunchbox as inspiration for a great day!



Van Gogh’s insights weren’t only in painting! Hang this up on your wall or set it as your screensaver as a reminder to yourself of the importance of pursuing your passions and never settling for a life of boredom.


Doing Great Things

Great Things
Big goals can seem unattainable, but they’re only a collection of smaller tasks- start with one small task, and before you know it you’ll have attained your big goals!


Keep Being Beautiful

Keep Beautiful
Perhaps the sun is a wiser role model than she is commonly given credit for! Remember to be confident in your beauty no matter the criticisms of others.


Tests of the Will

Test Will
I would guess that we’ve all experienced the truth of this. Sometimes the best way to offer support or to find it yourself is to understand that we’re not alone in the challenges that we face.


Whether you’re having a good day or bad, I hope you take these quotes to heart, and live today passionately, embracing your power and your worth. Pass these snippets along to those you see struggling, and if you want more, explore the Words to Live By Pinterest board!