Extend Your Holiday Leftovers

If you can’t stomach another plate of traditional turkey and mashed potatoes after a holiday meal, turn your leftovers into a fun new dish! Here are some ideas on alternative dining meals after a typical holiday party.



The Meats

If you’ve cooked up a huge turkey or chicken for lunch one day, chances are you’ll have plenty of meat leftover. Consider using the extra meat to make sandwiches or toss small pieces of the meat in salads. Other options include turkey soup or chicken enchiladas. Add different dressings and veggies with your new meal to enjoy the taste. This is a healthy way to still enjoy the turkey, chicken or any type of meat you had at that holiday party.

The Sides

There are endless opportunities to turn leftover side dishes into a new meal. Some tasty ideas include: casseroles (add veggies and meats), soups (i.e.- squash, potato, tomato, bean), Mac ‘n’ Cheese, egg omelet, oatmeal (add cranberry sauce on top) and mashed potato pancakes.

The Dessert

This one is a little bit tougher to mix up compared to meats and sides. If you have leftover pie, you can add a scoop of low-fat ice cream with it. With cake, perhaps add a new frosting on it (this works well with homemade breaded cakes.) Pair up your desserts with some drinks such as hot cocoa with Bailey’s or a different flavor of coffee or tea than your usual favorite. Remember to finish your desserts in about two-to-three days after the initial opening of the packages for the freshest tastes.

What are some foods you cook up after a holiday meal with your leftovers?