Setting up a New Kind of Tee Time for Father’s Day With Bigelow Tea.

Setting Up A New Kind of Tee Time for Father's Day with Bigelow Tea//GenPink

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Setting up a tee time for Father's Day//GenPink
My dad and me last year at a wedding.

Father’s Day is right around the corner and as usual I’ve been procrastinating on figuring out what to do for my dad. Dads always seem to be the hardest to shop for! He literally never wants anything. His response when asked what he would like for Christmas, his birthday, Father’s Day or any other gift-giving holiday is that he just wants his kids around that day. Well, unfortunately this year that won’t be the case for Father’s Day. So, what’s a girl to do while she stares blankly at the row of father’s day cards at Target?

I took a minute to really think about what we would even do if I was in town for Father’s day and then the light bulbs went off! My dad would set up a tee time to play golf and then we would likely go to dinner at our favorite place, Chilis. With me living out of town, both of those things are not really as possible for me to participate in. Which is why I decided to set up a different kind of tea time! Excited about my idea, I grab a card and quickly run down the isles at Target to find the tea section. I pick out my favorite Bigelow #trendtea to turn into some ice tea for this Father’s Day tea time.

Setting up a New Kind of Tee Time for Father's Day with Bigelow Tea//GenPink
Really like Bigelow tea and making it into a refreshing iced tea. Got this at Target.

The plan is to set up a tea time for my dad on Father’s day so we can still do everything we would be doing anyway, but with a little more help from technology. I’ll send the Father’s Day card first thing this week so it has time to arrive and make sure the tea time gets set up on my dad’s end. In the card I will include a Chili’s gift card for him and my mom to get all our Chilis staples, chips & salsa and salads. I’ll include several packets of Bigelow tea for them to make for our tea time as well. That way on Father’s Day, dad can still have his tee time and tea time with his daughter!

Setting Up A New Kind of Tee Time for Father's Day with Bigelow Tea//Genpink
May need a couple extra stamps but it’s worth it to set up this special ‘tea time’ for Father’s Day!

The set up for our tea time with all of our favorites plus an additional dinner guest, my laptop.

Setting Up A New Kind of Tee Time for Father's Day with Bigelow Tea//GenPink
Here’s my set-up for our ‘tea time’ for Father’s Day! Chilis chips & salsa is so yummy!

It sounds cheesy but when you start thinking about what actually means something to you and reminds you of your dad, it’s really the small things like ice tea, chips & salsa from your favorite restaurant and setting up tee or tea times! Even though I can’t be there with him for the day, we now get to enjoy all our favorite things and make a new tradition. In my opinion, it’s a much better tea time with iced beverages and air conditioning anyway! Right, dad?

For entertainment purposes, I had to include this picture below. My dad is not a technology person, which is why he usually sticks with his normal tee times at the course but this is him trying to see if he can get Skype on our laptop. Oh, dad. That confused look is why I love you. Hope he likes my new version tea time!

Setting Up A New Kind of Tee Time for Father's Day with Bigelow Tea//GenPink
My dad attempting to set up Skype on the laptop.

This post is part of the #collectivebias campaign for Bigelow #trendtea brand and is a campaign I’m excited to be a part of to make my dad feel special for Father’s Day.