Feminine Minimalism – less is more

Jewelry stores will always carry a stock of expensive, extravagant pieces of jewelry including diamonds and other precious stones, as there will always be the demand for such items. However, it is interesting to note an ever-increasing demand for more minimalistic jewelry. Here are some ways you can save money on jewelry and still look fabulous.

Gold versus Diamond

Simple gold jewelry can look just as exquisite as more expensive diamond encrusted jewelry. A gold pendant dangling from the end of a plane silver-toned necklace with matching earrings provides a delightful accompaniment to a long black evening dress. A thin gold ring to match will really help to compliment and set off the ladies coloured varnished elegant fingernails.

Silver: the affordable alternative

Credit: Wallace Bishop
Credit: Wallace Bishop

Some people feel that silver pieces of jewelry are for the less well off, but this is just not the case. Silver jewelry is widely worn by “well to do” ladies in the better parts of the cosmopolitan city. Why is this though? Quite simply because silver is a cool, sophisticated metal that is gaining in popularity as an excellent alternative to gold. In fact, there is an increasing number of jewelry manufactures that are incorporating silver to their accessories made from gold.

You do not need to spend hundreds of dollars to purchase some quality looking items of jewelry that would look perfect at the most up-market of functions. There are numerous pieces of fine looking silver or gold jewelry that can be purchased for far less that will have the same effect. Wallace Bishop, an online jewelry store, offers a wide range of these luxurious pieces.

There will always be the place for expensive diamond pieces. However, there would certainly appear to be a move for many women towards the more economical gold and silver items with a very simple design that helps keep the cost down without sacrificing style.

The focus should not be about how much something costs but what it looks like. If you can look equally stunning wearing a gold pendant costing $100 why go to the expense of purchasing a diamond pendant costing 10 times that figure?

So, the next time you go shopping at the jewelry stores try to focus on gold and silver pieces. You may surprisingly come across some exquisite designs at a much lower price than jewelry made up of precious stones or intricate designs.

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